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Men’s Fashion Must-Haves for the Winter

Just because the temperature drops doesn’t mean you have to drop your fashion sense for the season. There’s nothing more off-putting than a man who hides a nice suit under a bulky winter coat or pairs it with boots that are better suited to hiking the backwoods than making deals in the boardroom.

Winter can be your best season if you follow a few fashion tips.

Layer Tailored Pieces for a Sharp Winter Look  

We can sum up the best way to achieve a fashionable winter look in three words: layer, layer, layer. The same light blue button-up you depended on all summer and fall still looks good under a cashmere sweater vest. It looks even better topped off with a classic peacoat and a neutral scarf. You don’t need to swap out your regular wardrobe for ugly sweatshirts and puffy jackets. Simply add to your look with classy outerwear to continue being the best-dressed guy in the office.

Must-Have Items to Look Your Best this Winter

Insulated Boots

No, we’re not talking about the Uggs your girlfriend wears. We’re talking about a pair of mens’ dress boots that are sturdy enough to handle sleet and snow.Some men prefer a hiking-boot, but that’s likely not appropriate with a business suit. Instead, choose footwear that’s insulated and waterproof without looking like a pair of camo hunting galoshes.

A Business Overcoat

A wool overcoat is a must for any well-dressed man. Solid black, charcoal, navy, or the classic camel are all good choices for this essential piece of clothing. In winter, you can experiment with a textured overcoat or add colorful linings for a bit of personality. We recommend spending the extra money to get your coat tailored. Remember, you’ll be wearing this over a suit or sports jacket. You want to make sure it fits well, but is not too baggy.

A Casual Winter Coat

You’ll also want a jacket that’s more casual than an overcoat. You have a lot of leeway with this wardrobe staple, and you may have different preferences based on your age and style. A weather-ready down-filled parka is a good bet. We’re also big fans of the shorter-but-still-classic peacoat. A leather moto jacket can be a bold choice, but the right one for a certain kind of man. Try to get a slim fit so your outerwear isn’t too bulky this winter.

Casual Layering Items

A flannel shirt jacket is a handy thing to have on hand for crisp, snowy weather. Or, if you prefer, a knit sweater or cardigan is a nice choice for casual wear. As we said, winter is all about layering. So, pick up items that will compliment several different outfits. A warm sweater vest is a great choice because it can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. Even a classic hoodie can look great, depending on how you wear it.

A Fashionable Scarf

The right scarf, like the right tie, can accentuate an outfit and help you express your style. Don’t think you can pull it off? You’ll be surprised at how well you look in a scarf that offsets your coat. A scarf in a neutral color (tan, charcoal, gray, navy) can go with just about any jacket. Plus, it keeps your neck warm. Give it a try.

Warm, Fitted Gloves

Why tough it out and let your knuckles freeze when you can look just as manly with the right pair of gloves? We recommend lined leather for a classy choice. You can also pick up gloves that are tech-friendly, so you can keep tapping away on your smartphone. You’re a grown-up; don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all. Go ahead and choose the gloves that are the right fit for you.

A Warm Hat

A wool beanie is a practical choice, and can be surprisingly fashionable without being expensive or fussy. Ear muffs are another choice if you don’t like wearing hats or are concerned about getting “hat hair.” If a beanie is too casual for you, you can go with a flat cap or a fedora hat.

A Dinner Jacket

With holiday gatherings and New Year celebrations on the calendar, there are plenty of formal events to look forward to in winter. You can make sure that you’re prepared for the season by picking up a dinner jacket that’s a shade classier than your normal suit jacket. Go ahead. Your date will appreciate the extra effort you put into the occasion!

BillyGrey Can Help You Rule This Yule!

If you’re feeling a little fashion-challenged this season, don’t worry. Give Bill a call and he’ll straighten you out, just in time for the snowy weather.