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Men come to us every day with a few key questions in mind. The questions all seem to boil down to the same thing: How does a gentleman express himself and still remain professional?

One way we do this at BillyGrey is by adding stylish accessories to a man’s wardrobe – accessories that make a statement while really completing the outfit.

At BillyGrey, we see two types of accessorizors: the gentleman who’s timid about accessorizing, and comes off as plain; and the gentleman who holds on to the same accessories he wore in college, to no benefit.

Let Bill help you learn how to accessorize the grown-up way.

Why it’s so Important to Express Yourself through the Clothing you Wear

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: what you wear and the way you enter a room sends a message. It announces who you are before you even open your mouth. That’s why being aware of how you’re presenting yourself is so important.

When you look in a mirror, what do you see? Are you sending the message you want to send? Is your look consistent with who you are?

People are going to make judgments; you want to make sure you’re sending the right message and, in a sense, directing the conversation. It’s a subtle but powerful way to manipulate the impression you make on others.

Accessories can help you do this if they’re added in a thoughtful, purposeful way. You don’t want an accessory getting the attention that you should be garnering effortlessly. Each accessory should complement your overall look, not overpower it. Make it proportionate and make it yours.

There are Several Ways to Accessorize for a Stylish, Confident Look


A pair of socks in a color that complements both your outfit overall and your coloring is a great option for making a statement – but not a loud one. Remember: your choice of shoe matters, too. Make sure your shoes go well with your suit, and make sure they’re shined! Pairing a nice pair of slacks with scruffy sneakers just won’t cut it.

Pocket squares

When and why did pocket squares go out of style? It’s a shame we don’t see them more often, because they can indicate that you’re a person who pays attention to the details. Like a good tie, a pocket square is an accessory that can both bring an outfit together and help you stand out with a particular color or pattern that’s 100% you.

Necktie with some color

The necktie is the go-to for many men. Unfortunately, too many fellows either fall back on a bland tie that does nothing for the outfit or wear a novelty tie that sends the wrong message. Bill can help pair the right color and pattern with the suits you look best in.

Choice and shape of eyeglasses

Don’t neglect eyewear! This necessary accessory can reflect personality like nothing else. Whether it’s a pair of Rayban sunglasses or a stylish pair of readers, your eyeglasses can be the finishing touch that makes the look.

Belt and shoes

One of Bill’s pet peeves is a nice suit cheapened by a worn-out belt or pair of shoes. Your belt should always look new! If your shoes are dull, invest in a shine. If your belt is worn, buy a new one.

A watch that makes a statement

A man’s watch also makes a strong statement. Your classic Mickey Mouse watch may have been a quirky statement piece in college. In the business world, however, it’s important to invest in a watch that positions you as a professional.  

Buttons on your suit

The details truly matter. It doesn’t take much – a frayed cuff or a worn belt – to turn an elegant ensemble into something shabby looking. The right details can highlight your style; the wrong ones can create a terrible first impression. A velcro wallet or mismatched buttons on a worn sport coat may make your sense of style look more college dude than man about town. Attention to detail, on the other hand, showcases your personal brand.  

Hats: Beyond the baseball cap

Baseball caps are great, and we understand how important it is to cheer on your team when you are at the game. Let’s face it, though, there are a world of options when it comes to headgear. A slick hat, especially in difficult weather, can add a little something extra to your style. From fedoras to Panama’s, there is a chapeau to suit any style.

Wallets, messenger bags and briefcases… oh my.

If your goal is to make a lasting first impression, you want that impression to be positive. Let’s face it, disorganization is never a good look. To stay put together without losing your sense of style, lose the high school backpack. Istead, invest in a laptop case or briefcase made of sturdy canvas or leather. And be sure you don’t overstuff your bag, which can make you look slovenly.

Let BillyGrey Sweat The Small Stuff

Of course, picking the perfect details are not always easy. If you would rather trust the experts to help you, the team at BillyGrey is ever eager to help. We will help to dress you from head to toe, with all of the details in between. Contact us now for a complementary style consultation today.

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