Men’s Summer Fashion Dos and Don’ts

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There’s a temptation, in the summer months, to either go preppy and end up looking like an aging college freshman or give up and let gym shorts and wrinkly t-shirts be your fallback. We believe there’s a better way. In fact, there are several better ways because summer fashion can be versatile, not sloppy! We’ll prove it.

Choose Colors and Fabrics that are Right for You

You don’t have to wear pink polos and Topsiders if that’s not your style. You can wear any number of colors, as long as they complement your personality and skin tone. Pastels, khakis, or navys and blacks … anything goes.

The most important thing is to figure out what will (1) keep you cool (2) and look good on your build and coloring.

We recommend being very selective about colors and fabrics and choosing items you can mix and match all summer.

Summer Fashion Don’ts

Don’t go baggy.

Gentlemen, cargo shorts are not your friend. Sure, they can hold your wallet, your keys, and probably your lunch, too; the problem is, they’re not flattering. Level up, and get a pair of tailored shorts instead.

Jackets are fine, but keep them light.

Some breezy spring days or summer nights call for a light jacket. But stick to denim, a lightweight bomber, or a classic summer blazer. Don’t pull on the same suit jacket you’d wear in the fall, and leave the leather at home.

You’ve matured; your T-shirts should, too.

We’re not against T-shirts, but if you’re still wearing the same novelty tees you wore in your twenties, it may be time for a change. That means no Ed Hardy, and no graphic tees with dirty jokes. There are better tees out there; we promise. By the way, Hawaiian shirts and bowling shirts never look as good as you think they do. Just say no.

Choose your shoes wisely.

It’s summer, but that doesn’t mean you can wear flip-flops to the office. Pick up some light loafers, boat shoes, or clean sneakers instead. (Tip: if your sneakers have grass stains on them or are older than your youngest child, leave them at home.) Oh, and no sandals with socks, please.

Don’t wear your sunglasses inside.

Just … don’t. Don’t be that guy.

Summer Fashion Dos

Invest in some T-shirts with substance and style.

Striped crew neck tees are fashionable. So are solid colors. It’s time to go beyond that 5-pack of Hanes and pick out some nice tees you can wear with khakis, shorts, or jeans.

Polos and button ups are a classy choice for summer.

Sure, you can choose a plain, light colored polo if that’s your jam. If you want to try something a little bolder, there are plaids and even floral patterns that might look great. As for fabric, cotton, chambray, and linen are your best choices for summer.

Invest in a summer blazer.

We encourage you to always have a tailored blazer on hand for business casual occasions. Go ahead and purchase one for summer, too. Trust us on this; it will look great at a business brunch or a rooftop soiree.

Your shorts should be a medium length – not too baggy, not too short.

Go to a tailor or ask someone at the department store if you need help finding a good length and size for you. Think: fitted and sleek, not baggy. Also, for most social occasions, you should leave the gym shorts at home.

Pick up a new pair of shoes.

For this season, you need to have a neat, clean pair of sneakers or boat shoes. Don’t be the guy rolling up in the same black sneakers he’s had for years. Get yourself some canvas, rubber-soled kicks to look a little hipper this year.

Do You Have a Fashion Guy? We Know One …

If you’ve read this far, but you’re still at a loss for how to look your best this summer, give Bill a call.

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