The Process

First impressions matter. Within seconds of meeting a client or potential employee, we make decisions about that person’s credibility, trustworthiness and general appeal. We decide in an instant whether or not the individual we’re meeting is at the top of his game. Ultimate success hinges on the success of those first few moments.

fabric samples


Getting to know you

There’s no need to come to us; we’ll come to you. Appointments are generally held at your home or office. We start by getting to know YOU: your profession, your interests, your style … and what you hope to “say” with your custom mens clothing. It is our intention to highlight your natural abilities. We bring decades of design and styling expertise to educate and advise our clients, helping you select custom made suits that will make you feel great about the way you look — all the time.


Taking stock and choosing material

We take measurements and select materials we think will match your preferred style. When we design a wardrobe for a new client, we take into account physical attributes like height, build and coloring. We select shades, styles and fabrics that will naturally complement you. Not sure what colors are best for you? Don’t worry. We’ll guide you through the selection process based on the look you’re going for.

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Tailoring your wardrobe

We custom tailor a wardrobe designed for you. Production times can range from three to five weeks. Once your clothing arrives, we contact you to schedule a fitting or delivery. If alterations are needed, we take care of it locally and in about a week. You can have an entirely new look in as little as a month.

Think about the impression you make. Are you approachable? Do you exude authority? Or are you a victim of your own insecurities? And perhaps most importantly, how can you control the way others see you?

At BillyGrey Custom Clothiers, we believe that when you feel good about yourself, you project an aura of confidence and energy. Custom tailored men’s clothing in your own personal style draws the best of you out so that you can perform at the highest level possible in today’s competitive world. Manage that first impression and radiate the self-confidence that a personalized, custom tailored style provides.