There is an important distinction to be drawn between fashion and style. Fashion is arbitrary to many men; it reflects the industry’s need to be relevant. Style, however, announces who a man is before any word is ever spoken. We help men find their style; speaking volumes without ever saying a word.

About BillyGrey

I love helping men find their own unique sense of style. It is so important to me that I have built my business around this passion of mine. This industry attracted me at first because it allowed me to continue to express my design creativity and work in the fashion world where I had always been at home.

I went to work for my Dad in the luxury leather goods manufacturing business in 1990. After learning all the processes, I began to spend Saturday mornings developing new products for fun. This was the beginning of a successful design and product development career.

Years later I found myself working for a custom clothing shop and noticed that we were working hard to make sales on a transaction basis. The focus was on closing a sale. It occurred to me that we should be creating relationships with these clients, finding out who they are and who they want to the world to see. By listening for what they stood for, we could get to know them personally and help them to express themselves through their clothing. This is more than just putting on a custom suit or jacket; this is creating a unique style.

That’s why I started BillyGrey Custom Clothiers in 2007. By showing clients how to develop and execute their own personal style, we can be an advocate and advisor to them assuring that their wardrobes evolve with them throughout the years and throughout their careers. This is important because we tend to perform at our highest levels when we are confident and feel great about the way we look. An intentionally developed and executed style gives us swagger, an edge that stays with us regardless of circumstances. And style transforms our being. It gives us the context in which we can create our success.

What I love about it is the value my work brings to my clients. My goal is to help men be the best version of themselves and, in the process learn to express themselves fully and with confidence. In short, I want men to be present to their greatness always. I see the best in the men that I work with everyday… I simply help showcase it through their own personal style.