“Because it matters”

Your ultimate success hinges in large part on the success of your first impression. That impression must garner trust and assurance that you are at the top of your game.

BillyGrey brings decades of design and styling expertise to advise and educate our clients in how to develop and execute perfection in sartorial presentation everywhere and every time!

New to Custom Clothing?
Here’s how it works:

Appointments are usually held at client’s homes or offices. We start by asking a few questions about you; your style, your profession, your interests and what you are hoping to “say” with your wardrobe. Then, materials are selected and measurements taken. Naturally, we guide you through the selection process based on what you’ve told us you seek. Production times normally range from 3-5 weeks. When your clothing arrives, we contact you to schedule a fitting or delivery. Alterations, when necessary are done locally and take about a week. Questions? Ask here

What Does it Cost?

Suits $800 and up depending on material and construction options. Average suit price in 2016 $980

Jackets $650 and up also depending on material.
Average jacket price in 2016 $1055

Trousers $295 and up depending on material.
Average price in 2016 $335

Shirts $140-$450 Average price in 2016 $160