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How to Bring Green into Your Wardrobe

“I always take a second look at a guy in green.”

– Bill

When you look into your closet, what do you see? We’re willing to bet that you see a lot of the same color: Suits in dark gray, shirts in white or light blue, khaki pants, light-colored polos. What you probably don’t see is the color green.

In our opinion, green is an underused color in men’s fashion. Men often hesitate to utilize it in their wardrobe, but they shouldn’t! Green is versatile, positive, and intriguing. It’s worth a second look.

Is it Risky to Wear Green?

We understand why many men fall back on other, safer colors. Take the color blue: it’s a primary color, it’s comfortable, it looks good on a variety of skin tones. That’s why men stock up on light blue button-up shirts, hoard a variety of blue-patterned ties, and stick exclusively to navy blue shorts.

That’s probably also why blue is one of the most basic and overused colors in men’s fashion.

It’s the unexpected difference of green that makes it stand out. Next to blue, green seems risky. It shouts confidence. It’s fresher and brighter than your basic light-blue button-up. While blue is too prevalent, green is a versatile alternative. While blue is predictable, green gets you noticed.

Versatile Enough for Every Body

Think of all the shades of green in the world. If you’re driving your car and you look out of the window, you’re bound to see several shades – just in the landscape around you. Olive green, hunter green, that iconic Master’s jacket … any of these shades could be right for the moment, and just right for you.

Green goes well with several other colors you’ll want to include in your business or casual wardrobe. It pairs easily with blue shades, brown and tan colors, and gray fabrics. If you have blue eyes and sandy hair – you could look great in green! If you have brown eyes and dark hair – you could look great in green!

The right shade of green looks warm and approachable. Plus, it sets you apart as a man who knows style and isn’t afraid to make a statement.

A Statement You’ll Want to Make, at Work or at Leisure

Green has several subliminal meanings that you convey when you choose it for your wardrobe. There’s the environmental or natural message that lets people know you’re in tune with the world around you. There’s the spring-like, optimistic message. Green is a positive, uplifting color. Perhaps most importantly? There’s the money message. People can’t help but associate the color green with Benjamins.

There are Several Ways to Incorporate Green Into Your Wardrobe

An Accent Color

The color green is perfect for the boardroom. It’s a great color to pair with a dark gray suit, as a tie or shirt. Consider pairing a patterned green sock with a brown shoe and a khaki trouser. Green is a great complement to a variety of suit colors.

Green Trousers

Green trousers or shorts, in the right shade for you, will get you noticed at a barbecue or other social event.

Green Jacket

The color green can be elegant as a jacket, too. Worn with the right trousers and accessories, it gives the wearer an aura of luxury.

Let Bill Help You Find the Right Shade for Your Palette.  

When we choose colors for a client, we’re sensitive to his personal color palette. We consider hairstyle, skin tone, eye color, and – perhaps most importantly – attitude. We’ll get to know you so we can suggest colors that will highlight your best features effortlessly.

We’d be happy to help you find the right shade of green for your coloring. Give BillyGrey a call if you’d like to schedule an appointment.